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Month of June: My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Discussion

Sorry guys im posting so late but my first question for our discussion is whom do you most identify with and why? It can be in any way, something that you can relate to in your own life or someone you can empathize with the most.


  1. hmmmm...that's a tricky question to answer. as for myself, i just think i relate to the whole situation. i come from a family with a "dying" member...though the length of "suffering" has been much longer. my sister has a genetic disorder that is degenerative. therefore, her whole life we've all watched her fall apart. so, i know what it's like to be a sibling of someone like this. it can be upsetting, moving, embarrassing, encouraging and overwhelming. but, i do know...that my mother and father never let it seem to be the end. it was never as though my sister was any different than the rest of us. regardless of your physical well being, i think your mental spirits are what really makes you strong...that's why my sister--who was said to last until she was 8--just celebrated her 33rd birthday. you can't let what's in front of you stop you. and you can't settle all your emotions on one simple've got to keep it movin!

    with that said, i'm thankful every day that i've never had to be a parent in this may persuade my feelings...but i think not!

  2. Well, i empathize most with the mother because she in my opinion is the most complex character in the book. Being a mother you always want to do what is in the best interest of your child. But what do you do when the best interest of one child jepordized another. I was put in this situation where i had to make a very difficult decision and it is not an easy thing to do when you willing know your child will suffer or you see them suffering right in front of your eyes. you do whatever it takes. Although i don t always agree with the mothers approach i do empathize with her struggle.

  3. mmm, i forgot about that. now i understand why you feel for her. i forgot.

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  5. Krystal, now that I have read your opinion on the mother i think you may have changed my mind a little. However, I do feel that some of the decisions she has made are very unfair to her children, especially Anna. From the time and even before Anna was born she was designated the role of Kate's savior by her mom. It was mentioned in that book that in a family, everyone has a role to play. But what happens if you are not able to assume the role... What if no matter what you do,(i.e give a kidney) your sister does not get better.. For such young girl, it is an enormous amount of pressure. So if Kate dies, what happens to Anna? Anna knows the only reason she is alive is because Kate needed her. Will her mom love her less because she is not able to assume her role???